ANXRacers offers you the ultimate arcade spaceship racing experience where everything is about reaching the perfect racing time.

Optimize your turns, don't loose your speed, make epic space drifts and set World Records!

Race carefully across asteroid belts. Soaring jumps, loops, hairpin bends, debris fields, gaps... every track delivers a new and intense experience, offering sensational gaming across so many tracks.


  • 2 types of tracks (Race, Endurance) on hundreds of progressively challenging tracks.
  • 4+ type of spaceships offering finely tuned gameplay and racing experiences in hundreds of tracks
  • Join hundreds of players online on the ANXRacers servers.
  • Official rankings in solo and multiplayer. In solo play, along with earning medals for great racing, you can participate in official rankings by recording your best times on the game's tracks.
  • Create your own tracks and spaceships with the ANXRacers track-editor and shipyard.

Your goal is to make world records.

Race the spaceship from starting position to finish position, while going through checkpoints in correct order.


  • The game has downloadable user-generated tracks.
  • It has 4+ types of spaceships. Differently outfitted. (Poor, Tuned and Overpowered, Overpowered+)
  • Every race is recorded.
  • You can compete against your own or other players ghosts. (a.k.a async multiplayer. A new real-time multiplayer for Race of the Day has been introduced.
  • It also has exclusive music.
  • The game is free and has no ads. (You are not the product)
  • The game doesn't ask for any android permissions. Since it doesn't need any.
  • You can login using your google play games sign-in or create a disconnected account.
  • If you create a disconnected account, you can choose to give a email address as username. You will need to remember password yourself since it can then no longer be recovered if forgotten.
  • If you do not want to give account details, use Anonymous Login.

Since the game is in BETA, Looking for input on below topics:

  1. First time user experience
  2. Default controls
  3. Suggestions/improvements
  4. Exploits and Hacks (Please do not hack the game server)

People whose feedback makes into the game will be mentioned in in-game credits.

Game controls are as below: (Customizable)


  • Thrust Buttons/Sliders - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • Turn Buttons/Sliders- Turn left/Turn Right
  • Joystick - Turn towards direction.


  • Left Analog Stick Vertical - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • Right Analog Stick Horizontal - Turn left/Turn Right
  • X Button - Reset To Start
  • B Button - Pause / Give up / Back

TV Remote:

  • DPAD Up/Down - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • DPAD Left/Right - Turn left/Turn Right


  • W/S - Up/Down - Forward and Reverse Engines
  • A/D - Left/Right - Turn left/Turn Right
  • Backspace - Reset To Start
  • Esc - Pause / Give up / Back

Draw A Track Tutorial has been uploaded here

Discuss here or on Telegram or Discord

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Where is the linux version


Provided based on demand. I believe Proton will be able to run the windows build nicely

I would like a linux version too

have you tried with proton/wine? Since people have confirmed this game works on steamdeck also